Tips in Protecting the Integrity of Online Exams and Other Digital Assessment Activities

For the most part, teachers have been accustomed to quieting their students during online class discussions. Some of them would have a virtual version of what could have been the normal classroom set up in the school. The students are also used to all these. Perhaps, little by little, everyone has had a good adjustment over the new realities in teaching and learning.

Now that the months have tested the flexibility of online distance learning, teachers have to be more precise and accurate with online assessments. From test creation to adjusting settings and aplying restrictions, these are a few things that teachers have to do to make sure that online assessments are credible and uphold integrity.

Below are some basic pointers in making sure that online assessments serve their purpose very well:

1. Ask the right questions
Develop appropriate questions that accurately measure and evaluate the acquired knowledge and skills of your students as stated in the Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCS).

2. Always have a Plan B
Secure copies of the assessment by preparing the examination in word file or any note application before encoding/creating the test in the Aralinks LMS.

3. Prepare ahead
Create the exam in the Aralinks LMS at least one week before the scheduled test. This provides you enough time for further revisions and editing.

4. Increase test validity and reliability
Aside from developing various assessment types, creating an evaluation material in the Aralinks LMS allows you to apply various format, settings, and restrictions necessary to minimize cheating or increase the validity and reliability of your digital/online test. Ask assistance from your school’s Integration Facilitator (IF) or call the Aralinks hotline #89271 if you have inquiries on how to edit and apply settings while creating a test in the Aralinks LMS.

5. Test your test
Always check your exam for misspelled words, wrong use of punctuation marks, issues in capitalization, and grammar errors. Evaluate if your instructions are clear and specific. Test if you have accurately indicated the correct answers in the system and if the correct settings are in place.

6. Evaluate test results
The Aralinks LMS provides immediate test results that can not only help you measure your students’ mastery of the lesson, but guide you in developing and designing relevant learning experiences to further increase student performance.

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