Maximizing Aralinks Learning Management System

It’s been two weeks since regular classes have opened and for some, about a month already. With Online Distance Learning as the new modality of learning delivery, teachers have equipped themselves with the appropriate technical skills and competencies to be familiar with Learning Management Systems and other online educational technologies. Students, though already tech-savvy, have also made some adjustments in learning ways to be familiar with virtual learning environments. Video conferences, online quizzes, and digital assessments have suddenly been the talk of the academic communities. Aralinks LMS has become the main instructional tool for online instruction. But did you know that Aralinks LMS can be used beyond taking online quizzes, online chats and forums, and watching interactive presentations?

Aralinks LMS sure is a powerful tool for online academic activities such as asynchronous discussions, gallery walk, and online forums. But the Aralinks Collaborative Learning Environment is more than just a tool for teaching and learning. It can also be used for homeroom and co-curricular activities, guidance and library services, clubs and organizations, and even in formation and spiritual activities.

Below are some ways in maximizing the Aralinks LMS in different activities:



• Online recruitment and registration for new club members
• Online Leadership Training Seminar
• Election of club officers
• Virtual leadership programs
• Digital gallery for workshops and outputs
• Online Moderators’ Circle
• Live gamified activities
• Monthly virtual meetings

Aralinks LMS Activities and Features: File, Questionnaire, Course, Participate, Interactive Presentation, Portfolio



• Migration to Online Records
• Bulletin for Mental Health and Well-Being Campaigns
• Data Collection
• Evaluation of Guidance Activities
• Psychological Debriefing
• Personal Development Sessions
• Individual/Group Counselling Sessions
• Review/Preparation for College Admission

Aralinks LMS Activities and Features: Questionnaire, Badges, Course Presentation, Interactive Content, Chat, Forum, Quiz, Chained Activities



• Student-led research colloquium
• Virtual film festival
• Virtual open house for students’ best outputs
• Online quiz bee
• School-based Aralinks Quest
• Virtual science workshops
• Online inter-school competition
• Content creation of national and international observances
• Virtual Student-Exchange Program

Aralinks LMS Activities and Features: Page, Interactive Content, Files, Interactive Content, Chained Activities, Active Quiz, URL, Questionnaire, Poll



• Catalog of school’s subscriptions and Open Educational Resources (OERs)
• Online database and common tools like demographics and index reports
• Research Assistance Tool
• Online library classes
• Hyperlinked multimedia catalog
• Evaluation tool for title ratings
• Repository for students’ outputs
• Video and image collection
• Online search engine
• Virtual storytelling

Aralinks LMS Activities and Features: Glossary, Page, Questionnaire, Forum, Chat, Files, Folder, URL



• Online recollection per class
• Feast Day presentations
• Virtual Bible study
• Interactive Bible Quiz Bee
• Formation courses
• Online BEC
• Weekly Bible reflections

Aralinks LMS Activities and Features: Course page, Interactive Content, Forum, Participate, Quiz, Chat, Questionnaire, URL, Files, Folder, Labels


There are multiple ways than one in using Aralinks LMS. The key is to explore the system from both the admin's and users' point of view to create collaborative innovation. Phoenix Aralinks supports you in maximizing ways to use its LMS. Ask your Integration Facilitator or call #89271, or message us at for more details.



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