Aralinks joins CSA Makati’s 50th founding year

In the celebration of their 50th Founding Anniversary, Colegio San Agustin Makati is “optimistic that we shall be ushering in another 50 years more into the 21st century with Phoenix Aralinks alongside.”

In his welcome message during the recently concluded Aralinks Summer Training Program at CSA, Mr. Ringo Blanca, Assistant Principal, recognized Aralinks’ role as “the total navigator for schools” into 21st century digital learning.

Congratulations, Colegio San Agustin Makati!

(Read full manuscript below.)

It is a great pleasure and privilege for me to be given this pleasant duty of welcoming our guests, friends in St. Augustine, and all of you wonderful people here today.

Twenty-nineteen marks our sixth year with Aralinks NGS, and this coincides with our final stretch of preparations for CSA’s golden foundation anniversary on July 7, 2019. Quite fittingly, we are optimistic that we shall be ushering in another 50 years more into the 21st century with Phoenix Aralinks alongside.

One of the most promising areas in education, and one of my dreams in terms of leveling up our Aralinks use, is Individualized and Personalized Learning. These approaches have been welcomed as obvious ways around many of the problems inherent in cookie-cutter models of mass education provision.

In our lifetime, technology in education has actually made it possible to meet learners where they are. Descriptions recur of technology enhancing, enabling, assisting, supporting, and scaffolding learning. This is where Aralinks comes in. As an adaptive learning technology, Phoenix Aralinks opens up opportunities to make individualized and personalized learning in today’s school environment possible and Aralinks makes proceeding to it, pretty much conceivable.

Aralinks is like a bag of tricks for an effective teacher. Without Aralinks, I doubt if efforts will turn out as powerfully and as intended as they should be. Its kind of programs and components place it in a very peculiar position as the perfect partner to not only enable but yield the desired results as well. Similar to all other innovations that our school have adopted, Individualized and Personalized Learning, nor Aralinks, are silver bullets that will magically solve our complicated problems in school. Nevertheless, with the proper mindset and the will to sustain innovation, the potentials are enormous and promising to positively influence student achievement.

Today and tomorrow, prepare yourself to be challenged, excited and inspired. Our highly regarded speaker will surely walk us through optimizing the use of technology, aralinks, to improve each and every student’s educational experience while also committing that they altogether achieve the standards.

Aralinks is the total navigator for schools like us as we tread the 21st century digital learning superhighway, and Alagang Phoenix the best companion.

Thank you, good morning and once again, welcome.

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